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Aurora Master Classes - Mariestad

Course period: 26/6-2/7 2017

Professors: Lynn Harrell – Cello, Kolja Blacher – Violin, ESZTER HAFFNER- Violin. Rachel Roberts – Viola, Stephen Kovacevich– Piano,  Zlata Chochieva – Piano,  Per Nyström –  Cello, 

Welcome to apply for Aurora Master classes in Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano with renowned professors.  Intensive daily exercises, and you get to meet new musical friends from all over the world.  This is a good opportunity to get advice for your further music education career, and gain a significant international new network.  The Master classes’ takes place during the ongoing Old Ox Chamber Music Festival where you will have free entrance to top class concerts 

Take risks, inspire audiences, meet people and have fun. Become an integral part of a performing arts community of which many of the world’s most important performers are also members. In recent years, over 3000 amazing young artists from 50 countries have participated during the now world famous Aurora Master Classes & Festivals.

We take pride in what we offer our participants. Please take time to read all of the information before you apply.

Course period: 26/6-2/7 2017
Town: Mariestad/Sweden
Application deadline: June
Agelimit: 18, if under 18 you need to come with one parent.
Registration fee: 800 SEK
Selection list publish: June
Course fee: 6 000 - 10 000  SEK, the 800 SEK registration fee will be deducted. Complete fee has to be paid latest May 27
Accommodation: the course fee includes staying at private host families in Mariestad.  Food and travel costs is not included. If you are under 18, or wish to arrange your own accommodation, please contact us here: 

Course content

Every master class is always 45 minutes 

* Violin = 1 master classes with Kolja Blacher + 2 master classes with Massimo Quarta. In total all violin students will have 3 master classes all together. Course fee 6000 SEK including accommodation in Host family

* Viola = 4 master classes with Rachel Roberts Course fee 6000 SEK including accommodation in Host family

* Cello  = 4 master classes with Lynn Harrell Course fee 10 000 SEK including accommodation in Host family

* Cello  = 4 master classes with Per Nyström.  Course fee 6 000 SEK including accommodation in Host family

* Piano = 2 master classes with Stephen Kovacevich + 2 master classes with Zlata Chochieva. In total all piano students will have 4 master classes all together. Course fee 8 000 SEK including accommodation in Host family

  • Seminars with the professors: Auditions and Performance 
  • Some of you will form chamber music groups and receive coaching 
  • Some of you will be offered to perform solo and/or chamber music 
  • Listen to others master classes 
  • Great fun and free festival concerts

There will be no piano accompanists for the master classes. If you want accompanist you have to arrange that yourself, we can provide you with contact information to the festival pianists.

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Video or Audio recording: add an URL (link address) with a solo performance (with or without accompaniment), repertoire free of choice. One piece is enough, minimum 5 minutes.

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