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Application form - Conducting Master Class with Saraste and Gustavsson



Dates: August 18 – 26, 2018
Available places
: 25 (divided in 3 different categories)
Course fee: 10 000 SEK/category 1, 6 000 SEK/category 2, 3 000 SEK /category 3
The course fees do not include accommodation, food or travel however Aurora offers participants good and cheap accommodation options starting from 2500 SEK in total for all days
Registration fee: 700 SEK
Application Deadline: 5 June, 2018

You can choose which or how many categories you want to sign up for. After the selection you can be offered a place in a category you have chosen or a category you did not sign up for. You can also be listed on a waiting list. The registration fee of 700SEK is the same for all categories and covers all applications, even if you select more than 1 category. The registration fee is no-refundable, and is not part of the course fee.

No matter what category you participate in when you are at Aurora in Stockholm, you may be offered another category on site if someone becomes ill or a place becomes available.

Please read all about the content of the different categories on our website.

Category 1 and 2 - The course is aimed at advanced students and/or musicians who have completed a course of musical study (instrumental study, singing or conducting) and who already have some conducting experience*
Category 3 The course is aimed at both students, professionals and amateurs who wish to deepen their knowledge of music, leadership and/or conducting

There is no age limit. Teaching will be given in English.

Selection procedure
After all complete applications have been received; the course organizers will decide which applicants will be admitted to the different categories. The results will be announced June 12, 2018.
On receiving notification of acceptance for the course, the selected students must confirm their attendance and pay the course fee by the specified deadline. Otherwise the course organizers will offer your place to another applicant.
The organizers’ decisions are final. No legal recourse will be permitted; no correspondence will be entered into.

Students must declare that they are willing to create diary entries or post information on Facebook, and be prepared to give short interviews.

Aurora Music retains all rights in respect of photographic or video materials which have been created during the course or recorded at the concerts.

Students are responsible for obtaining visas and paying visa costs.

Students must also pay for their own insurance.


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