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Dear Applicant,

Thank you so much for applying for the Aurora Music Festival this August in Stockholm.

We have been doing our utmost to enable you to experience and meet our fantastic cast of professors and artists and for you to be able to experience concerts, programs and master classes at the highest level.

This year will be a total of about 300 musicians and artists from over 40 countries.

Unfortunately at this time we have not been able to find an active place for you in the festival.

If, as inevitably happens, someone doesn’t turn up or is ill or can no longer participate in the festival for some other reason, you may be called upon to participate actively once you are already in Stockholm.

First row - Aurora

We are very happy that we can offer you one of our exclusive spots to audit all events in August should you still wish to take in the atmosphere of all the many activities happening during our festival week.

For only 2000 SEK you will receive entry to all master classes, rehearsals, discussions, concerts, and events during the festival. 

Getting to meet and listen to, our professors, students and artists during master classes and concerts, can in many cases be just as rewarding and interesting. 
It is also a unique opportunity to expand your international network by meeting hundreds musicians from all over the world.

There are a limited number of spots.


  • We guarantee you space at every concert and masterclass during the festival
  • You can attend the days and activities you want 
  • If you are offered an active place in Stockholm, we will refund the 2000 SEK you paid. Reimbursement for any other reason is not possible
  • Travel, subsistence and food costs, etc. are not included in the 2000 SEK. This is the responsibility of the participants themselves.


We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm soon.

Best wishes

Ola Larsson
General Manager +46 (0)706 54 12 50 

Willem Stam
Artistic Coordinator  +31 642 05 62 57

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