Stockholm and/or Trollhättan Masterclasses and Orchestra 2019

500 kr
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Application form - Masterclasses and Orchestra - Stockholm and Trollhättan/Vänersborg 2019

The registration fee of 500 SEK shall be paid with credit card (Master Card or Visa) immediately when submitting the application. You cannot complete the application without also paying the registration fee. This fee covers the costs of administration application evaluation. Therefore the registration fee will under no circumstances be refunded

• Stockholm: Course period: 17-25/8 (travelling days 16 and 26/8 ).
• Trollhättan: Course period: 26/8 - 1/9 (travelling days 25/8 and 2/9).
•It is an absolute requirement that all participants are in place in Stockholm and/or Trollhättan for the entire course period
•Application Deadline: May 24, 2019
•Audio or Video-recording (Soundcloud or Youtube advisable, video is very much preferable) is obligatory when applying to the Aurora masterclasses.
•Course fee 8000 SEK, in total (accommodation, trave expenses etc are not included). EXCEPTION - In Trollhättan, successful applicants may stay for  free in Aurora's host-family system
•Application fee 500 SEK (if selected you pay the additional course fee of 7500 SEK that makes the total of 8000 SEK)
The course fee of a total 8000 SEK also includes the application fee for the Aurora Music Competition


Course content
All students will receive:
– open individual solo master classes (there will be no piano accompanists for the master classes)
– chamber music classes by participating, actively or passively.  – rehearsals and concerts with the Aurora Symphony Orchestra (except pianists)
– seminars and open workshops
​- participate in the Aurora Music Competition for those who want to
– great fun and free concerts
– You have to be in Stockholm from 18 August at 09:00 AM to 26 August at 21:00

If selected you have to confirm your participation and complete your payment at latest July 3

Aurora never refunds any money.
Only exception is if a course in cancelled.
But e.g. if a professor is replaced by another professor, the course is NOT cancelled.

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Video or Audio recording: add a URL (web address) with a solo performance (with or without accompaniment), repertoire free of choice. One piece is enough, minimum 5 minutes.



Applying for Stockholm, Trollhättan, or both:

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